A Brief History on Banging Heads

As you may or may not know we, The Bangover, are a metal band that was established by Sarel and myself in 2018. We’ve been best friends for more than 10 years and we’ve spent the majority of that time drinking beer, navigating the treacherous and winding paths of life, and headbanging throughout this journey. It seemed inevitable that we would make a paradigm shift from consuming the music we loved to creating our own through the power of friendship.  
Friendship is extremely important to us and we’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with so many awesome people with whom we made a lasting connection, making the chaos that constantly surrounds us all the more bearable. So, although we’re only two members in the band at this stage we’ve never really been alone in our musical journey. The gang has been helping us out by featuring in our songs on vocals, helping with video production, managing the project alongside us, and always having our backs.  Their support has been paramount to staying motivated as time went on and our outlook turned bleak. The family has consistently kept growing and I’m grateful to have so many legends in our camp.  
Over the last two years, we have been hard at work writing and producing our debut album, and while it’s been a challenge it has certainly allowed us to grow as musicians and self-aware meat mechs. One of the greatest parts of the writing experience was refining some of the philosophical ideas we’ve formed over the years in order to convey them to you, the listener. The potential that music has to incur positive change in individual’s lives is astounding and we don’t take the responsibility that goes along with this fact lightly. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to tell you how to live your life. I understand that we’re all different and each of us walks a unique path, but if our music resonates with you in a way that could get you through some dark times then I think it’s worth aspiring to. 
Our lyrical content varies from serious issues that we think need more attention, to ideas about life and the meaning of everything around us, without taking the subjects too seriously. We prefer to find the humor in grim subjects because if we can’t laugh about our problems how can we discuss them in a serious and open manner. By laughing at ourselves we are able to find meaning and purpose even in the darkest of times.  

My whole life people have been telling me what they think is required to live a full and meaningful life. As a kid with little experience and no point of reference you’re led to believe that if you tick all of these boxes that society mandates, you’ll be okay. The reality is that nobody knows what the fuck is going on and I doubt that we’ll ever know. The only thing I know for certain is that we’re all in the same shitshow called existence and that is truly what bonds us together. We might be insignificant in the grander scale of space and time but that makes our problems much more meaningless and by sticking it out surrounded by caring individuals we won’t give in to despair. We’re going to kick, dance, and scream all the way towards the darkness.  

That’s the very reason The Bangover exists. To have a good time with great people and forget about the inevitable heat death of the universe even if it’s just for a second. We all go through dark times. Mental health is a fickle thing and happiness is never a state that is achieved to remain everlasting but together we’ll make it through this crazy life. Things might not be great right now, it might only get better way, way later but until then we’ll be here banging our heads off and sharing beers with the people that we hold dear. We hope that you’ll join us and feel free to stay for as long as you’d like.  

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Great introduction, I love it when a band really speaks from the heart and tackles the current issues we are facing. It really resonates with the current shit show we find ourselves in.

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