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I can quit whenever I want to – but I won’t

Greetings denizens of the dystopian present, it’s ya boys here with some insight into the meaning behind our latest release.

When we wrote cigarettes and self-destruction, we wanted to highlight some of the problems that go hand in hand with addiction. Not necessarily the most obvious issues but more so the societal issues and the inability that society has when it comes to dealing with these afflicted individuals when they need help the most.

I think that all of us have struggled with addiction in one form or another. Although some substances are more habit-forming than others, all it takes to form an addiction is the perfect storm of low dopamine, getting that jolt from your body’s reward system, and repeating said action until your body is reliant on the substance or action to continue producing those feel-good chemicals.

Welcome to dependency, population: earth. Social media hasn’t done anything to help in this regard and although correlation does not equal causation I think it’s fair to say that the rise of social media had a huge impact on the increase in anxiety and depression over the last decade, probably even longer.

The song however is about how people would often view their addictions as less of a problem than other’s. Not only is it counterintuitive to becoming aware of your own shortcomings and working through them, but it also allows for the “US” vs “THEM” mentality to take root and destroys the common ground we have when dealing with our addictions. It alleviates the guilt we should rightly feel for not helping our fellow man when they’re at their most vulnerable.

It’s easy to justify your wine problem by saying: “At least I’m not addicted to heroin” when in reality the only reason you’re not is that you weren’t put in a situation where it was opportune to pick up this addiction. The underlying problem is the same.

With this song, we just wanted to reiterate that in order to break free from addiction we first have to want to help ourselves and secondly we have to recognize that the addictive behavior we see in others is more of the same within ourselves – so be compassionate, help each other out where you can, stop judging people when we’re in the same boat and don’t be a fucking dick about it.  

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